News Release – American Airlines Retirees Committee

For Immediate Release (5/1/12)

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Leader of American Airlines Retirees Group Concerned Retirees Will Not Be Adequately Represented in Company's Bankruptcy Case

DALLAS/FORTH WORTH The chairman of the American Airlines Retirees Committee (AMRRC) today expressed his fear that the concerns of a great many American Airlines retirees will not be adequately represented in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy of AMR Corp., the parent of American Airlines.

"AMRRC, which represents a cross section of union, non-union and management retirees, petitioned the bankruptcy court for the Southern District of New York to appoint a representative from the AMRRC to the Section 1114 Committee," said Paul Mazzara, chairman of the AMRRC board. "We are greatly disappointed that the Judge and U.S. Trustees did not choose to recognize that the addition of an AMRRC representative would uncompromisingly represent the Airline’s retirees and bring considerable expertise to the negotiations for retirees' medical and other non-pension benefits."

Mazzara, a retired American Airlines maintenance employee, formerly represented by the Transport Workers Union's Air Transport Division, said five individuals were named to the 1114 Committee. They include representatives from three unions, a former corporate secretary for American and AMR, and a representative for non-union retirees.

"It is understandable that the leaders for the three unions would be appointed," Mazzara said. "However, we do not understand why a former corporate executive and an individual who has no ties that we know of to a broad-based, knowledgeable retiree organization would be appointed over a representative from the AMRRC.

"The recently retired senior corporate executive who was American Airlines' Associate General Counsel and Secretary to the Board likely holds sizable amounts of company stock and exercisable stock options that are under water," Mazzara said. "Is this person with a sizable financial interest in the company someone who should represent salaried retirees on the 1114 Committee? I don't think so."

Mazzara said that the AMRRC is advocating that it is not too late for the Judge and U.S. Trustees to correct their omission and appoint a representative from the AMRRC so that a broader number of American Airlines retirees will have representation on the 1114 Committee.

About the American Airlines Retirees Committee

The American Airlines Retirees Committee (AMRRC) was formed by the retirees of American Airlines, for the retirees, to provide representation for all work groups at American Airlines past, present, or future. The mission of the organization is to create the affiliations and partnerships necessary to gather the communication and education needed to ensure each and every retiree’s interests are protected. It is committed to being one voice for many faces.


Paul Mazzara, Chairman
American Airlines Retirees Committee
Phone: 816- 898-5287

To: AMRRC Members
From: Paul Mazzara, Chairman, AMRRC Board
Subject: AMRRC and NRLN Alliance

You may recall from American Airlines Retirees Committee (AMRRC) emails during the past few months that the National Retiree Legislative Network (NRLN) assisted in the formation of our organization. Also, the NRLN has provided support in a number of other ways, including introducing the AMRRC to U.S. Senators, Representatives and PBGC officials who can possibly influence the bankruptcy process for fair treatment of American Airlines retirees. The AMRRC Board has decided to take our membership in the NRLN a step further in a way that we believe will be beneficial to both the AMRRC and the NRLN.

Based in Washington, D.C., the NRLN is the only nationwide organization solely dedicated to representing the interests of retirees and future retirees. Formed in 2002, the NRLN’s endeavors to secure federal legislation to protect retirees’ employer-sponsored pensions and benefits in addition to keeping Social Security and Medicare strong. The NRLN is a non-partisan, grassroots coalition representing more than 2 million retirees who came to the NRLN from retiree associations and as individual members who have retired from 125 different U.S. corporations and public entities. Members live in all 50 states and practically all Congressional districts and are working together to preserve the retirement benefits they earned during their many years of employment.

The NRLN's legislative priorities include the further strengthening of pension protections under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), protecting and funding retiree health care benefits, securing more affordable and safe prescription drugs, and making sure that Social Security and Medicare benefits continue for present and future retirees. I urge you to go to the NRLN's website at and click on the "Legislative Agenda" link at the top of the home page to gain an understanding of the full scope of the NRLN's actions in Washington, DC. You may want to become a regular visitor to the NRLN website to click on links to news articles on retirement-related issues.

We have provided AMRRC members’ names, email addresses, and mailing addresses (in order to identify your Congressional District) for you to become part of the NRLN's Grassroots Network. The NRLN's database, a service from a reputable firm that specializes in communications with U.S. government leaders, has stringent security features. Your contact information will only be used by the NRLN to send you Legislative Action Alerts and other retirement-related information. You will not receive any spam emails as the result of being in the NRLN's database. When the NRLN issues an Action Alert, I hope you will add your voice to those of other retirees who take the time to use the NRLN’s sample letter to send a message to elected representatives in Washington, DC. In addition, I hope you will find other emails distributed by the NRLN to contain useful information. The emails will come from so please type this email address in your computer's address book to prevent NRLN emails from being blocked by your security filter. Should you elect to “unsubscribe” from receiving NRLN emails, you have the option of doing so by clicking on a link at the bottom of any NRLN email.

The NRLN's Washington team depends on Grassroots Network members to contact their elected representatives when there is proposed legislation beneficial to retirees or when there is a bill to oppose that would negatively impact retirees. Your AMRRC Board believes that our affiliation with the NRLN is a positive step in serving our members by adding the strength of our association with the influence of the NRLN's coalition of retiree associations and individual members to make retirees' voices heard on Capitol Hill.

Paul Mazzara, Chairman
American Airlines Retirees Committee