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Our Mission Statement

The American Airlines Retirees Committee (AMRRC) was formed by the retirees of American Airlines, for the retirees, to provide representation for all work groups at American Airlines past, present, or future.. As an organization, we will create the affiliations and partnerships necessary to gather the communication and education needed to ensure each and every retiree’s interests are protected. We are committed to being one voice for many faces.


On Friday, April 18, 2014, in a long anticipated ruling in the American Airlines bankruptcy case in federal bankruptcy court, Judge Seal Lane ruled in favor of the American Airlines' retirees for the vast majority of retirees. American Airlines had filed a motion in 2012 for summary judgement in its bid to make retirees pay for 100% of the cost of their retiree benefits.

Although this is a victory for the majority of the retirees involved in this case, it is not necessarily the end of American's efforts to take away benefits from it's retirees. American could now decide to bring this matter to a full trial or they could choose to appeal Judge Lane's ruling on the summary judgement to the federal appellate court. Whatever American Airlines decides to do going forward with this case, this is a huge victory for most of the retirees involved in this suit. It means that for at least a while longer, they will continue to receive the medical and life insurance benefits that they were promised when they retired.

However, American continues in its efforts to devalue and downgrade retiree travel benefits as announced on January 2 this year. This ruling has no effect on American's moves in that area.

Below you will find a link to an article in the Dallas Morning News concerning this ruling, as well as a link to the full ruling issued by the court.

Summary Judgement Decision

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AMRRC FINAL BRIEFING – dated January 22, 2015

This notice will serve as the final public briefing to be filed by AMRRC, Inc., representing the retirees who retired under the AMR Corporation. As a reminder, in 2011, shortly after AMR, Inc. filed for bankruptcy protection in the federal courts, AMRRC was formed by a group of former AMR employees who were already collecting retirement benefits prior to the bankruptcy filing. AMRRC became the public voice of the retirees prior to the forming of the 1114 Retiree Committee and remain so throughout the bankruptcy process.

Following the Court appointment of the 1114 Retiree Committee in 2012, which became the official representative voice of the retiree pool in the federal court process, it became clear that the 1114 Committee could not keep the retirees up to date publicly. Thus, AMRRC remained in place with the purpose of being the public voice of the American Airlines retirees throughout this difficult and tedious process. Our purpose was to keep the retirees informed, updated and connected throughout the many months – turning into now three plus years – with the ultimate goal of protecting and continuing our pension and health care benefits as we knew them to be.

This bankruptcy of course turned into so much more for our former employer. During the bankruptcy process American Airlines was purchased, merged and greatly altered by the new 'bosses' - US Airways Corp. In December of last year, the bankruptcy officially concluded and the executive management of US Airways began the process of taking total control of AA. Though the brand stayed American Airlines with the former AMR corporate offices, the 'new' office of the controlling interest was US Airways.

As AMRRC closes shop, we wish to thank the members of the 1114 Retiree Committee for their hard work keeping the bankruptcy Judge and Trustees apprised of the history and facts surrounding those retirees represented in this bankruptcy case. The Committee and its Counsel did a stellar job protecting the pensions and retiree health benefits for those who seemed to be left on the outside of this major airline financial crisis.

On reflection the 1114 Retiree Committee efforts were a success. Those retirees covered by the 1114 bankruptcy code process have the same retirement benefits as when the AMR bankruptcy was filed in 2011. The 2014 travel policy changes that altered all retirees travel did not come under the bankruptcy process but rather was a management decision of the “new AA” leadership. Without a doubt this action has greatly disappointed all retirees – whether former AA or US Airways employees.

At this point AMRRC has concluded its purpose and retirees with remaining questions should direct your attention to either the AA retiree website, one of the unions on the AA property (if represented), or another retiree resource. These resources may be found listed below. Please note that the National Retiree Legislative Network is interested in having an American Airlines retiree step forward to be more involved in this retiree legislative action organization. You may visit their website for more information.

In closing AMRRC publicly thanks all the retirees who came forward and gave their money, time, energy & actions. By supporting AMRRC, whether through donations, by attending meetings, or writing letters, your voices were heard during this long process. You made a difference for all American Airlines retirees. By and large we were very successful and that is because of your involvement.

Sincerely and with Gratitude…
AMRRC Board of Directors

List of retiree resources:

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American Airlines, Jetnet

Main website: Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA)
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Main website: Transport Workers Union (TWU)
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Main website: The Grey Eagles – Senior & Retired American Airlines Pilots
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