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AA Retiree Identification (ID) Card

AMRRC has confirmed with AA that the Human Resources Department is issuing AA RETIREE IDENTIFICATION CARDS.

Follow the instructions on the Application Form. Although, there is no place on the form to enter a date when you submit the form, we recommend entering a date in the upper right-hand corner of the form. Retain a photo-copy of the completed application for your records.

The form is available on Jetnet, however, for your convenience we have posted the form on our website. Click here for the application

We hope this is helpful to you, from your retiree friends at www.



Most retirees are receiving a CD in the mail that contains a Summary Plan Description of their AA Pension Plan. There is a number to call to receive a printed copy of the summary. If you have not received a summary either in form of the CD or a Printed Copy; this is the contact number to request one. 1-800-447-2000.

June 3, 2015
AA Shareholder Meeting

Listen to the recording of the meeting here. Note you can click between introduction, financial report and question/comments section of the meeting.

June 3rd Retiree Comments on YouTube Addressing the AA Board of Directors

Listen below to remarks made to the AA Board by Gail Dunham, Carol Reichert, Jackie Gilpin, Walton Gilpin, Rich Slivocka, and Don Smith.

Would you like to address the AA Board of Directors? Buy a share of AA stock, and all shareholders are welcome to join us next year at the Annual Shareholder Meeting – the BOD needs to hear from Retirees.

Our Mission Statement

The American Airlines Retirees Committee goal is to Preserve Retiree Benefits through Communications and Determination!

AMRRC, Inc. was incorporated as a 501(c4) tax exempt, nonprofit corporation, dedicated to represent all Retirees from American Airlines, from past mergers and to protect Retiree benefits for future Retirees.

AMRRC, Inc. will work to restore Retiree Earned Benefits and to meet the short term and long term challenges that are ahead. Retirees are proud of our decades of hard work that made American Airlines great. Retirees deserve Respect and the Earned Benefits, including travel pass benefits that were promised for our years of service as a part of our Retirement programs.

We look forward to working with old and new members for the long term.

Welcome to the New AMRRC, Inc. April 2015.

The views, comments and ideas expressed on the AMRRC Website do not represent those of the American Airlines Group and its subsidiaries. The logos, flight symbols, all service marks and trademarks contained herein are property of their respective owners. AMRRC is not associated with AAG.




libertyJoin us in our efforts to restore our pass policy, for equal rights for ALL Retirees, without discrimination to specific work groups, including TWA, USAir, Sabre and other Retirees from AMR.    Thank you.


News From Your President

johnsonBased on my observation of the changes to the travel benefits, American is taking the best of both programs away and giving the employees and retirees the remaining benefits.

Clearly, AA provided superior travel benefits to their employees and retirees than did Legacy US Airways. It’s disappointing to see the erosion of the benefits that we worked for decades to enjoy.

We will keep you informed of upcoming changes.

ID20 Fares

Effective August 18, 2015, more fares are now eligible for the AA20 Discount. This applies to newly created bookings only. The AA20 discount cannot be applied to already existing bookings that did not previously qualify. Fares can be purchased on are now eligible including; Net SAAvers, Web Fares, First Special Fares, such as, those with ticket designators like WAUP/ LAUP/ PAUP, commonly known as, YUP and JUP Fares.

Some fares may not price with the additional AA20 ticket designator. If the itinerary will not price; contact We-Fly-AA. Place the booking on hold as allowed by It is not required that the booking be created on and if preferred, the reservation may be made directly with a Reservations Agent.


APFAAssociation of Professional Flight Attendants

All employees and retirees of American Airlines are invited this event to support the AA Flight Attendants.

Event Organizer
Ben-Lee Feliciano, AA Flight Attendant


Monday, October 5th – 2015
11 a.m. – 4 p.m. CST

APFA Headquarters
1004 West Euless Blvd.
Euless, Texas 76040

This is NOT an APFA or American Airlines Sponsored Event.

For Questions Contact: Ben-Lee Feliciano

Subject Line of Email: UNION PICKET

AMRRC, Inc. will continue to provide updates on the Event.




If you or a family member was left behind and the flight left with open seats, please let AMRRC know. We are collecting this data because AA management is not aware that this is occurring and we want to provide them with this information.

It is not the Agent’s fault when this occurs, but rather, because of the very strict D (minus) 10 minute boarding rule directive issued by the Company. The agent MUST close the Terminal Door to the Jet-bridge 10 minutes prior to the departure time of the flight.

AMRRC has established a new EMAIL Address exclusively for you to send us the flight information when this occurs.

Please include a copy of the list, OR provide the (1) Flight Number, (2) Date, (3) From/To, (4) Departure Time , (5) how many seats were open. You can obtain this information at: Please also include your name, as sometimes the sender’s email address is not reflective of your name.

Meetings with Mr. Parker


July 14, 2015 - “Crew News” Town Hall Meeting DFW HDQ

At the July 14th meeting Doug Parker was asked to grandfather in D2 Retirees, just as he grandfathered in retiree positive space employees. There seems to be a lot of “Level 8” retirees.

Parker replied; “If they have something that came way before us, had some kind of agreement with the company……”

Elise Eberwein then replied; “I don’t know how many 8’s are still out there but my view on this is that those employees worked for this company and its part of their compensation, and their agreement and they retired with that benefit so they’re going to keep it.”

These statements are significant because all retirees should be grand-fathered under this criterion!

Of the many retiree comments one said, “…they could care less about the regular worker bees that helped to build this company… so “they” are going to keep them….”

Another retiree comment, “We have contracts that state D2 and those should be honored too, and D2 was part of our retirement too.”

On Saturday, July 18th this video was posted on Facebook, however, late Saturday night, retirees were surprised when the video had been removed.

July 24, 2015 – State of the Airline Meeting
Release of 2nd Quarter Earnings

planesAmerican Airlines Group
Reports Highest Quarterly Profit In Company History

The next Quarterly Earnings Meeting announcing the 3rd Quarter Profits will be in October, 2015.

AMRRC will publish the date and time of the meeting as soon as it’s announced by AA. Earnings are generally released early morning and followed by the State of the Airline Meeting (Q & A). Retirees are always welcome and encouraged to attend every quarterly meeting to ask questions of Mr. Parker about any issues affecting them. Show your AA Retiree ID Card for entrance into the meeting.

July 24, 2015 - Other Areas of Discussion

SABRE/AA Retiree Access to NRTP. Although an Agreement exists to provide the NRTP (Non-Revenue Travel Planner) option of Jetnet to approximately 500 Sabre Retirees with AA Travel Benefits, Sabre and American Airlines have not yet done so. AA has communicated that it does not yet have a definite date of when this option will be provided Sabre Retirees.

Would you like to ask Doug Parker a Question in person?

stockholders mttg

The next (3rd) Quarterly Earnings Meeting will be October, 2015. AMRRC will post the date and time, as soon as, the meeting is scheduled. Earnings are generally released early in the morning, and the “State of the Airline” is scheduled the same day. We appreciate the letter we have from AA that “retirees are always welcome,” and encourage retirees to use the opportunity to attend a SOTA meeting.

Gail Dunham, Chairperson AMRRC,
American Airlines Retirees Committee

“Preserving Retiree Benefits through Communications and Determination!”