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Our Mission Statement

The American Airlines Retirees Committee (AMRRC) was formed by the retirees of American Airlines, for the retirees, to provide representation for all work groups at American Airlines past, present, or future.. As an organization, we will create the affiliations and partnerships necessary to gather the communication and education needed to ensure each and every retiree’s interests are protected. We are committed to being one voice for many faces.


On Friday, April 18, 2014, in a long anticipated ruling in the American Airlines bankruptcy case in federal bankruptcy court, Judge Seal Lane ruled in favor of the American Airlines' retirees for the vast majority of retirees. American Airlines had filed a motion in 2012 for summary judgement in its bid to make retirees pay for 100% of the cost of their retiree benefits.

Although this is a victory for the majority of the retirees involved in this case, it is not necessarily the end of American's efforts to take away benefits from it's retirees. American could now decide to bring this matter to a full trial or they could choose to appeal Judge Lane's ruling on the summary judgement to the federal appellate court. Whatever American Airlines decides to do going forward with this case, this is a huge victory for most of the retirees involved in this suit. It means that for at least a while longer, they will continue to receive the medical and life insurance benefits that they were promised when they retired.

However, American continues in its efforts to devalue and downgrade retiree travel benefits as announced on January 2 this year. This ruling has no effect on American's moves in that area.

Below you will find a link to an article in the Dallas Morning News concerning this ruling, as well as a link to the full ruling issued by the court.

Summary Judgement Decision


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DO NOT allow American Airlines to underfund our pensions

Doug Parker is pushing Congress hard for approval to underfund the AA pensions! It is important to take a couple minutes, as soon as possible, to contact your US Senator and Congress members and tell them – DO NOT allow American Airlines to underfund our pensions – AA is estimating $5 billion in profits this year, and can afford to meet OUR pension obligations.

Go to and to locate the people you need to contact – send emails, call their offices, personal letters to their home office, and if a constituent office is close to your home stop by and introduce yourself. Tell them you want our government to protect Retirees and Employees, and our Earned Retirement Benefits!

Together we can make a difference.

AMRRC Briefing September 7, 2014

After meeting with reps from a variety of retiree groups and hearing from numerous outraged employees and retirees, a group of retirees decided that a unified, one voice approach would be good to implement on September 10 when D2R passes are implemented.

With that in mind, a letter has been composed to Mr. Parker that we hope retirees, employees and their friends will consider sending to Mr. Parker and other members of AA senior management on September 10. We are asking that if this letter reflects your feelings about the new pass policy, that you copy paste this letter into an email message and send it on September the 10.

If it isn't exactly your thoughts, you are welcome to add to the letter or express in your own thoughts. But either way, make sure you put your years of service as an employee in the subject line. This shows this is an organized and unified effort.

We also ask that you print it out, sign it and mail it on September 8 or 9.

The instructions and addresses are:

1. Send this out on September 10. Please send to the following recipients and cc in the following recipients and if you want to send to your particular department head in addition to these addresses, that is fine also

In addition, please also print it up and send to Attn: Douglas Parker American Airlines PO Box 619616 DFW Airport, Tx 75261-9616

The letter is below:

September 10, 2014

Years of service (i.e. 40 years) We also ask that you print it out, sign it and mail it on September 8 or 9.

Dear Mr. Parker,

Over the past 13 years, airline employees and retirees have been required again and again to give back portions of their compensation and benefits, and have watched their pension plans be frozen or terminated and their retiree medical and life insurance plans disappear or be devalued. All this has been done to enable our companies to survive.

Now when the Company is back on its feet and at the threshold of unprecedented success and record breaking profits, shockingly, the Company has decided to downgrade and devalue the one last untouched retiree benefit, retiree pass travel.

Yesterday, retirees had an equal opportunity to travel in the D2 category beside employees, their spouses, children, and all their eligible travelers as had been the case for decades at legacy American Airlines. Today, retirees have been shoved to the back of the line behind over 500,000 travelers, the majority of whom have never worked a day for American Airlines or US Airways or any of the other fine companies that are under the current corporate umbrella. That is an unfair and unnecessary downgrade and devaluation considering all that employees and retirees have given back over the past 13 years.

When the Company announced the merger, promises were made concerning future travel policy. To assuage employee and retiree fears and garner their support for the merger, the company promised that after the merger was complete, the New American Airlines would thoroughly evaluate the travel policies and while doing so would take input from their people concerning what would be in the new travel policy. The Company has not honored that commitment.

After the merger was complete on December 9, 2013, the thorough evaluation happened in 24 days including the time the Company offices were closed for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. The commitment to take input during the evaluation of the policy was also ignored. Employees and retirees alike were blindsided with the sudden changes on January 2.

The Company made a promise that no one group from a carrier would be treated more favorably than a group from the other carrier. And, while rank and file past and future retirees are being stripped of their active status for retiree travel to have an equal opportunity to stand by for an unsold seat, upper management employees and retirees are being told they are retaining their active status for retiree travel and will maintain their A level positive space pass travel for themselves and their eligible travelers. With the memories of executive bonuses while employees took cuts are still fresh in employee and retiree minds, it is hard to imagine that this management team would be so tone deaf as to not realize how devastating that will be to the relationship between management and their people. A pass policy that downgrades the ability of rank and file retirees to stand by for an empty seat , yet allows another retiree group, upper level management, to retain their active status in retirement and take seats out of inventory and money from shareholder pockets seems the ultimate in unfair and inequitable treatment and breaks the commitment that no one group will be treated more favorably. This pass policy is not in the best interest of the organization for employees and retirees or for the shareholder.

In the August 1, 2014 “American Way Magazine”, you write:

“As we move forward, we will remember to embrace our past. We plan to paint some “heritage” aircraft — modern planes painted with logos from the past from airlines that have formed today’s American. Already, we are flying jets with paint schemes from PSA, Piedmont, America West and Allegheny, and in the future we plan to introduce TWA, Reno Air and ¬AirCal aircraft, while keeping one plane in the US Airways livery. We have team members that began their careers at each of these carriers working for American today. They are proud of their heritage, and we are proud to have them on the American Airlines team.”

This is a wonderful tribute to the past. But, I believe embracing the past is not just about symbols, but about the people behind those symbols.

So, today Mr. Parker, I ask: What better way is there to embrace your past than to honor your commitments from the past? Not just with symbols painted on planes, but embrace the past with actions that honor the people and the promises made to them. Honor the promises made to those people that shaped those carriers, and whose sacrifices and work are the foundation on which you and your current employees are building a great new company.

It is my request that you reconsider the new pass policy, talk to your employees and retirees about what they want to see in this new policy to make it the promised best in the industry, and that you abolish the D2R pass category and return those who are slotted in that D2R classification to D2 status.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

Employee number